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PWBs Feature


Pioneer Circuits, Inc.

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Fabrication of rigid-flex, flexible and rigid Printed Wiring Boards (PWB’s) for high reliability applications with available assembly/through-hole/SMT.


RF Components Feature


Anatech Electronics 

Filters: band pass, band stop, low pass, high pass, band combiners, tunable, duplexers, multiplexers, notch, LTE, and WiFi, based on cavity, ceramic, SAW, LC, crystal and stip-line technologies. Surge arresters, RF connectors.







Active components which include amplifiers, receivers, transmitters, frequency converters, phase-locked dielectric oscillators (PLDROs), free-running dielectric oscillators (DROs).





Microtech, Inc.

Waveguide products which include adapters, arc detectors, bends, bulkhead assemblies, broadwall couplers, crossguide couplers, double ridged components, loop couplers, filters, flanges, flex, horns, loads, magic tees, power combiners, power samplers, pressure windows, rotary joints, terminations, torsional joints, waveguide to coax adapters.





Quantum Microwave


Milli-meter wavelength multipliers, power amplifiers, OMTs, mixers, detectors and frequency synthesizers.





Remote Sensing Solutions


Radar subsystem hardware, firmware, and software optimized for SWAP+C.








Fiber Optic rotary joints from single channel to 20 channels, single mode and multi-mode.





ViaLite Communications


RF over Fiber for SATCOM, radar, GPS, broadcast, UHF/VHF, optical Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100BaseT.






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