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Benefits of Thinking in 3-D for Your Next Product Design

Benefits of Thinking in 3-D for Your Next Product Design

11 Jul 2016

It’s a 3-D world. You design your products with 3-D mechanical software. You even do some manufacturing in 3-D. Why not go to the next step and start to use rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards so your designs can truly be optimized for your end-user’s functionality instead of being forced into a non-optimized design that fits the usual 2-D PCB? 

 Rigid-Flex PCBs also reduce costly mistakes.


A combination rigid-flex board saves weight, space, and lets your imagination run free when you do your product design.

Rigid-flex improves your reliability metrics. Rigid-flex makes testing easier. Rigid-flex reduces assembly mistakes.

Combining modern 3-D mechanical software with 3-D PCBs lets you begin a design with the user’s functionality first instead of designing around the constraints of the estimated width and depth of a traditional rectangular PCB. Fit the electronics inside your optimal design – don’t fit your design to the electronics.

Eliminate wiring harnesses. Eliminate connector reliability problems. Eliminate space-hogging connectors on the outer layers of your boards. Instead, have permanent flat flexible cables come out any sides of the boards, without any connector attachments, and then bend and twist the cable to fit your imagination. It’s like your boards went on a diet and do yoga.

And don’t let EMI shielding and extreme temperature concerns hold you back – there are choices for that.

Veridane is now representing Pioneer Circuits in New England and New York. Pioneer Circuits makes parts for many of the U.S. DoD primes, planetary rovers, satellites and commercial companies. They may be the best in the world at rigid-flex PCBs. They’ll even send you a free mechanical mock-up of your rigid-flex PCB so you’ll be sure everything fits.

Call me at 978-337-8535, or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can begin your next design together. Early engineering support and cooperation will make your rigid-flex project a success for you and your customer!






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